Communication is central to the construction of scientific knowledge. Equally important is sharing this knowledge with the non-scientific public, especially outside the classroom.
Above all, knowledge is an instrument of emancipation that is conducive to informed political participation of citizens in public debates such as climate change, GMOs or even the curriculum content!
In the case of basic science, outreach activities are the only return on investment that the public can hope for in the short term.
I believe that sharing their knowledge with the public is a civic duty of researchers.





  • Vice-President of "Plume!"

I was the coordinator of the Toulouse branch of the non-profit organization for science popularization "Plume!" (applications for funding, setting-up and management of projects, contact with institutional partners, etc)


  • Inventor, presenter and organizer of the "ImprovSciences" performances

which gathered two scientists and two improv actors on a stage


  • Stand animator at various national and local science festivals

for children or general public


  • Invited speaker for the public lecture "The marital life of ants and plants" (2h00)

addressed the evolution of ant-plant relationships over time,
presented at the Philosophical Popular University, Toulouse, France


  • Scientific advisor for part of the documentary "Through the jungle and up into space: a walk in French Guiana"

broadcasted on the German TV-channel ‘NDR’

  • Co-Designer of the exhibition "Animal societies: live and survive"

addressed the evolution of sociality in animals,
presented at the ‘knowledge festival’ La Novela, Toulouse (France)


  • Invited speaker for the public lecture "The marital life of ants and plants" (1h30)

addressed the evolution of ant-plant relationships over time,

presented at the ‘knowledge festival’ La Novela, Toulouse (France)

  • Co-Designer of the exhibition "Living world, cunning world"

addressed evolutionary strategies in animals to survive and reproduce,

presented at the ‘knowledge festival’ La Novela, Toulouse (France)


  • Scientific advisor for a report in the evening news bulletin

broadcasted on the first French TV-channel ‘TF1’ – link


  • Scientific advisor for the documentary "Marriage of convenience"

focused on the mutualistic relationship between a plant and an ant species (maker: Jean-Philippe Isel; prod: Tic-Tac Production)

Extracts 1, 2 and 3



 Media coverage


The publication of the article about retaliations against too virulent ants in an ant-plant mutualism also resulted in a press release on the French National Centre for Scientific Research website (in french and in english). This press release was subsequently taken up and relayed by numerous journals and websites (eg Science & Vie, Sciences et Avenir, La Dépêche, ScienceDaily…).



 Two very cool projects


Plume! is a non-profit organization promoting science popularization by researchers. The three pillars are:

- making researchers want to popularize their knowledge;

- providing researchers with means of dissemination;

- promoting the academic recognition of science popularization.

Plume! developed a periodical magazine, a website, podcasts, exhibitions and innovative ways to popularize science such as ImprovSciences, SpeedCherching and Drawing Sciences. It offers training for grad students.


ShakePeers is a collaborative platform for producing peer-reviewed science popularization articles under a free license.