Field experience

Multiple field seasons in tropical rainforests

  • plant and insect sampling
  • micromammal and bird capture and manipulation
  • plant population surveys
  • controlled pollination experiment
  • survey of ant circadian rhythms

(over a year total)



Laboratory skills

Experiments involving living organisms

  • insect breeding
  • choice experiments

At the lab bench

  • plant / animal / fungal DNA / RNA extractions
  • development / amplification / sequencing / genotyping of molecular markers
  • next-gen sequencing (shotgun / genome sequencing) 



Analytical skills


  • statistics (R)
  • chromatogram interpretation (Sequencher, GeneMapper, Geneious)
  • population genetics (FSTAT, GENEPOP, Arlequin, SPAGeDi, Structure, TESS, Geneland)
  • pedigree reconstruction (Cervus, COLONY, MasterBayes)
  • bioinformatics (UNIX, NGS analysis tools such as bwa, velvet, OBITools)
  • Office, Adobe