Genetics of ant ‘bodyguards’ paper published in Proc. B

The study about the molecular basis for ant ‘bodyguard’ behaviour that I conducted at the University of Toronto was published in Proceedings B. We discovered the effect of the expression of genes and activation of proteins of the PKG family on the efficiency of host-plant protection by symbiotic ants.
This is one of my favourite studies and it’s the result of a collaboration with Kyle Turner, Marla Sokolowski and Megan Frederickson, among others.
The reference of the paper is Malé, P. J. G., Turner, K. M., Doha, M., Anreiter, I., Allen, A. M., Sokolowski, M. B., & Frederickson, M. E. (2017). An ant–plant mutualism through the lens of cGMP-dependent kinase genes. Proc. R. Soc. B 284:20170896, and it’s accessible here