Two papers published!

The manuscript describing a new locus controlling the color polymorphism of the endemic white-eye of Reunion was published in Royal Society Open Science. This study uses a large panel of genetic and genomic analyses to identify a region that determines the color of the birds.
This is a huge piece of work resulting from a collaboration with my good friends Yann Bourgeois and Joris Bertrand, among others.
The reference of the paper is “Bourgeois YXC, Delahaie B, Gautier M, Lhuillier E, Malé P-JG, Bertrand JAM, Cornuault J, Wakamatsu K, Bouchez O, Mould C, Bruxaux J, Holota H, Milá B & Thébaud C (2017) A novel locus on chromosome 1 underlies the evolution of a melanic plumage polymorphism in a wild songbird. Royal Society Open Science 4:160805“.
Also, the paper about trade-offs in tripartite mutualisms received a full reference in Proceedings B: “Orivel J, Malé P-JG, Lauth J, Roux O, Petitclerc F, Dejean A & Leroy C (2017) Trade-offs in mutualistic investments in a tripartite symbiosis. Proceedings B 284:20161679“.
Way to go, 2017!